Provincial Cheerleading ChampionshipS


Register your team(s) for the 2024 SCA Provincial Championship held in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan on Saturday, March 16th, 2024.

Early Bird Deadline: January 5, 2024


The SCA follows Cheer Canada age grids for all divisions and their policies when combining/splitting divisions.

Cheer Canada Team Divisions:

Specialty Divisions

Performance Cheer – Pom Doubles
U6 Prep (Tiny)
U8 (mini)
U12 (Youth)
U16 (Junior)
U18 (Senior)
*All school athletes must compete in the all star age divisions for pom doubles. All Star and School will be combined.
Cheer – Indy, Duo & Trio Tumbling, Partner Stunt and Group Stunt
Division*                             Level(s) Available
U6 (Tiny)                                         1
U8 (Mini)                                      1 & 2
U12 (Youth)                                  2 & 3
U16 (Junior)                                 3 & 4
U18 (Senior)                             3 & 4 & 5
Open                                         5 & 6 & 7
* All school athletes must compete in the all star age divisions for specialty routines. All Star and School will be combined.

Warm-up & Competition Area Information

Teams should be prepared to arrive well ahead of their warm-up time to accomodate screeening measures.  Only athletes and certified coaches are permitted in the warm up area. The warm up area is located upstairs in the salons and there will plenty of space to prepare for their performances.

The warm up area will have four stations: 1st will be a 2-mat stretch area, 2nd will be a 60ft x 12ft sprung tumble strip, 3rd will be a  be a 3-mat dead floor stunt warm-up and last will 9-mat dead floor with stereo.  Each station will 4 minutes (2 minutes for specialty routines).

Following warmup, teams will proceed from the salons upstairs down to the backstage area in the theatre. Teams will enter the competition floor from the back right side of the mat (audience’s view).  After performing, teams will exit to the back left of the mats.  Video playback will be in a private viewing room located backstage.  The competition floor is a 54ft X 42ft full sprung floor. There will be lighting, full production, and video playback!

**note: SCA will do everything to ensure our warm-up is as described however modifications may be required due to availability of equipment and necessary placement.**


SCA Music Policy

All teams must provide their own music either on device with a headphone connection.  A sound system will be provided.  Speed control is not available.  Music checks on the main sound system are not permitted.  A representative must be present at the sound system at the time of the performance.  Advisors/coaches are asked to hold onto their own music until the time of performance and to take music back following the performance.  Devices must be on Airplane mode and volume set to max. WE are thrilled to have our favourite MC, tBone, and favourite DJ, Andre the Giant, on site to assistour treams with their music requirements. Music station will be located next to the perofrmance surface.


The SCA uses Cheer Canada’s score sheets and judging methodology. All judges will be Cheer Canada Certified. New this year, the SCA will be providing our judges with an electronic scoring system, which will increase consistency and feedback for our teams.

Scorecheck is located in the first balcony lobby and deduction/legalities scoresheets will be available to coaches to pickup approximately 10 minutes after your team competes.  Coaches will have 15 minutes to submit an appeal once their scoresheets are ready. ONLY deductions and legalities can be appealed.