Judges’ certification

Upcoming Judges’ Training Clinics

Each year, the SCA recruits judges from across the province to help run SCA Sanctioned Competitions.  The judges’ training courses are open to any individuals including athletes, coaches, advisors, ex-athletes, ex-coaches, etc. 

For this year’s training the SCA is bringing in Cheer Canada Judges’ Trainer Marcy Kuzemchak, along with five Saskatchwan certified clinicians (Ashley Herchak, Carley Weisbeck, Kendra Jackson, Ana Kuzenko & Alissa Stewart) who will provide Cheer Canada judges’ training on the Cheer Canada scroing system. This training includes judges’ training for Skill Identification, All Star Cheer (including Global, Prep and Novice), Scholastic Cheer, Performance Cheer (Dance), Group/Partner Stunt & Indy/Duo/Trio. Upon completion of the course, individuals will leave with the knowledge and education to challenge and successfully complete the Cheer Canada judges certification exams.

In order to be considered an SCA certified judge, the SCA requires the following:

  • You have graduated from high school.
  • You hold a current SCA membership
  • You have completed an SCA judges’ training course for one or more of the following panel categories: Overall & Cheer; Building; Tumbling and/or Performance Cheer
  • You have passed the Cheer Canada Judges’ Certification Exam in one or more panel categories

Judges’ Training is FREE for all SCA Members.  There is a $25 charge for all out-of-province attendees.

There have, once again, been multiple changes to the scoring system.  Judges training is MANDATORY for all Saskatchewan based judges to be considered SCA Certified.  Judges can choose to specialize in one or more categories/scoresheets, and are therefore not required to attend all training courses.



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Marcy Kuzemchak is a highly-recognized official in the sport of Cheer in Canada. She is a high level clinician for Cheer Canada, providing officials” training to provincial trainers – specializing in skill identification, stunt/pyramids/tosses and safety deductions. Marcy is part of the Cheer Canada officials evaluation team that develops the national certification evaluation exams. She is involved as an officials and coaches training facilitator for the provinces of BC and QC. She is head of officials and scorecheck for the Canadian Cheer Company, an event producer that provides over a dozen cheerleading competitions across Canada, and now virtually. Marcy is a nationally certified judge who officiates at cheerleading competitions across the Country. Marcy is a National coach evaluator for the International Cheer Union. She is also a seventh year coach for Team Canada All Girl Premier.

Are you a Coach/Choreographer?

We highly recommend that all coaches/choreographers attend this clinic.  Understanding scoring is one of your most important responsibilities to your team and there is ABSOLUTELY no better way to understand this that to come to the clinic, learn, and score routines yourself.  You’ll equip yourself with the knowledge as well as the background for scoring methods.

Note to Coaches: Please be aware that the SCA Judges’ Training is designed solely for the education of individuals wishing to judge at SCA sanctioned events this season. Coaches who wish to increase their knowledge and understanding of the judging process are welcome to attend the training, but please note that Q&As throughout the day will be prioritized for prospective judges only.

Why Judge?

  • Help promote growth and sustainability for cheerleading in Saskatchewan and Canada.
  • Expand your knowledge of cheerleading.
  • Get the best seat in the house for some skill-packed, high-flyin’ fun!
  • Learn how to score routines using the Cheer Canada Judging Methodology.  This is very valuable for coaches’ and athletes too!
  • Have an opportunity to travel across the province and the country
  • Earn some cash – all SCA Sanctioned Competitions provide judges with pro-rated honorariums.
  • Learn about the SCA and its services.
  • This is an opportunity to become involved in cheerleading other than being an athlete or coach.

Judging Policy