SCA Sanctioned Event Application Process

The SCA Sanctioned Competitions Policy has been in effect since May 2017.  With-in this policy is a requirement for all event producers to apply for SCA competition sanctioning.


The purpose of the SCA sanctioning application is to ensure all our event producers have read and understand our SCA Sanctioned Events Policy. The SCA shall sanction all competitions that follow the SCA bylaws and polices as outlined throughout the application.


The second purpose of the application is for insurance purposes, allowing event producers and the SCA the security that the liability insurance is in place for all SCA sanctioned events.


SCA Sanctioned Competition Application Form


SCA Sanctioned Competitions Policy

This document will outline both the required elements for a sanctioned competition in Saskatchewan, as well as other pertinent information.  In order for competition events to be successfully sanctioned within Saskatchewan, all SCA bylaws must be followed.  In addition, the SCA has also compiled some recommendations and guidelines to help event producers receive sanctioning and to run a successful competition.

SCA Sanctioned Events Policy


SCA Certified Judges

The SCA will train and maintain a limited number of judges.  These judges can be contracted by event producers.  The SCA will calculate and invoice the event producer for the total cost of the judging honorariums and score sheet costs.  The SCA will then in turn pay the judges on behalf of the event producer. SCA judges will only judge based on the score sheets for which they have been trained on. Deviation from the SCA approved score sheets may require the event producer to source outside judges.

SCA Judging Policy


Competition hosts must contact the SCA executive director a minimum of three months prior to the event in order to contract the SCA to provide the judges and/or score sheets for said event.  Please fill in the form below as an official request for SCA Judging Services for your competition event.  Requests will be granted on a first come, first serve basis.

Judges Request Form