Membership Registration

Participant Registration

All participants are required to use the CheerReg platform to register themselves for their SCA and Cheer Canada memberships.  Participants (parents for minors) must use the link provided below and create a login into the CheerReg system.

CheerReg is a specialist provider of integrated membership and registration technology to the cheerleading community.  The CheerReg system has been built in collaboration with Cheer Canada and the SCA in order to ensure we are collecting ALL the info required at the national and provincial level for our members.  

Participants must register themselves as an athlete, coach and/or judge into the system and select the organization(s) they are affiliated with.  

The cost for SCA membership this year is $15/participant. The additional Cheer Canada membership cost varies per participant depending on their level of participation.  Participants only have to purchase their memberships ONCE for the fiscal year of July 1 to June 30. 

Registration deadline is November 30th, 2021


For technical support throughout the registration process, please contact CheerReg at or 1-866-606-2638 or 604-332-4422. 

Club & School Registration

Organizations must complete the registration form below in order to be considered SCA members. Registering as an SCA member will also add your organization to a national list, which will be posted on the Cheer Canada website.

Registration is FREE for organizations. It is required in order to allow your participants to affiliate with your organization.

It is important to register as soon as possible. Registration deadline is November 30th, 2021

Membership FAQs

Why did we make the change to the CheerReg system?

  • Cheer Canada has provided this system for their PSO members.
  • Both SCA and Cheer Canada memberships will be available through CheerReg.
  • Payments will go directly to Cheer Canada and the SCA separately.
  • Data will go into a shared database for Cheer Canada and SCA.
  • SCA can adjust the system to better fit our needs in the future Data Integrity – athlete/parent provides the information.
  • Efficiency – No more chasing athletes around for forms, fees, etc.
  • Can accommodate Safe Sport, Respect in Sport and other future requirements for athletes and/or parents.
  • Reduced risk – athletes cannot register for events without a membership (future state).
  • Reduced risk through waiver collection.
  • SCA no longer has to provide membership info to Cheer Canada – it is all one system.

Can a parent register more than one participant?

Yes, parents can register their children and themselves (if they are a coach, etc.) under the same account.  Each individual will receive their own membership number.

Can organizations enter all participant information themselves?

Yes, when organizations register with the SCA there is an option to pay for the bulk upload service. This option is $99 plus taxes and will allow organizations to upload their participants into the system. 

It is preferred that organizations have their participants create their own login account and enter their participation into the system.  Everyone will receive their own Membership ID that will follow them as they progress as a cheerleader.  Their number will remain with them as an athlete, coach and judge.  This also allows for the participant to become familiar with what the SCA has to offer and ensures that all the demographic information collected is accurate.

What if an athlete participates on both all star and school teams?

Athletes are only required to purchase a membership once.  In the circumstance where an athlete participates both on school and club teams, they will identify as such and will affiliate with both teams accordingly, however they will only be charged membership fees once.

What is the deadline for registration?

All current participants must be registered by November 30th.  Participants without membership after this date may no longer have valid insurance at SCA sanctioned events.  New participants can register at any time following the November 30th date.

SCA Office

1 (306) 343-7221

7103 Maple Valley Crescent, Regina, Saskatchewan S4X 0B2