Membership Registration

Participant Registration

The cost for SCA membership for the 2023-2024 year is $20/participant. The additional Cheer Canada membership cost varies per participant depending on their level of participation.  Participants only have to purchase their memberships ONCE for the fiscal year of July 1 to June 30. 

Club & School Registration

Organizations must complete the registration form below in order to be considered SCA members. 

Registration is FREE for organizations. It is required in order to allow your participants to affiliate with your organization.

It is important to register as soon as possible. Registration deadline is November 30th, 2023

Membership FAQs

What if the participant is on an all star and a school team?

We ask that participants register first with their all star team and then add their scholastic team to their account. To add another organziation, the user will have to “register” again and a discount will be applied so they do not have to pay a second membership fee. To add another organization to an account follow the steps in this VIDEO

What if the participant has multiple membership roles?

If a participant has multiple roles (for example they are an athlete and a coach), select the “multiple membership categories” when registering. This will allow the participants to selects all membership categories that apply to them while only charging them once for membership. To register for multiple categories follow the steps in this VIDEO

What if I am a parent registering multiple athletes?

You begin by creating an account and selecting the membership category that applies to one of your participants. Once you get to the next page of registration, you can add a second (or more) participants. To register multiple participants follow the steps in this VIDEO

What is the deadline for registration?

All current participants must be registered by November 30th.  Participants without membership after this date may no longer have valid insurance at SCA sanctioned events.  New participants can register at any time following the November 30th date.

Can organizations enter all participant information themselves?

There is a way to individually input all of your participants and pay on their behalf. However, it does require some input from participants. From their club/school account, organizations can input participants names, emails addresses, DOBs, membership levels and pay on their behalf. The system will then send the participants an email where they will be required to login and complete their registration with the remaining information such as address, gender, heritage, etc. as well as completing the waivers. This process will be more time consuming for organizations, especially if it a large amount of participants, but may be a good option for scholastic teams. Here is a link that will explain it – watch the “Group Registration” video: 

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