Available Funding Opportunities

MAP (Membership Assistance Program) Funding

The Membership Assistance Program (MAP) is funded by Sask Sport through the Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Fund (SLTF) for Sport, Culture and Recreation by the proceeds derived from the sale of lottery tickets in Saskatchewan.  MAP grant amounts are allocated to Cheerleading Saskatchewan based on a formula, which includes our total number of individual members, total amount of membership revenue generated by Cheerleading Saskatchewan, the number of fully certified active member coaches and the number of fully certified active member officials. MAP grant amounts allocated by the SLTF to Cheerleading Saskatchewan fluctuate yearly based on our numbers as stated above.

MAP Funding is open to ALL teams that are members of the Saskatchewan Cheerleading Association and is to be used to stimulate participation of cheerleading within the province of Saskatchewan. Registered SCA members who have submitted all of the necessary membership fees and are in good standing with the SCA are eligible to apply for MAP grants each year.  This includes competitive,  non-competitive, coach and executive members.

Due February 1, 2022

Due April 30, 2022

Conference Grant for Volunteer Coaches

The Conference Grant for Volunteer Coaches is designed to allow volunteer coaches to attend the SCA coaches conference at a reduced rate, possibly covering the full registration fee.  The SCA has allocated $500  towards this grant and all funding applications shall be considered.

Due September 30, 2021

KidSport Athlete Assistance

 Cheerleading athletes are eligible to apply for financial assistance from KidSport.  KidSport is a national not-for-profit organization that provides financial assistance for registration fees and equipment to kids aged 18 and under. Through a confidential application process we provide grants so they can play a season of sport. Nationally, KidSport is comprised of a network of 11 provincial/territorial KidSport chapters and 178 community KidSport chapters. Since its creation in 1993, over 530,000 kids across the country have been given the chance to play sport through KidSport grants and sport introduction programming. 

JumpStart Athlete Assistance

Cheerleading athletes are also eligible to apply for Jumpstart.   Jumpstart is a national charity with a commitment to local communities. Organized sports connect kids to their communities. Canadian Tire Corporation recognized this and makes sure that money raised stays where it is donated. Canadian Tire Corporation is Jumpstart’s biggest supporter as it funds all the general administrative expenses of Jumpstart, which means 100% of customer donations go directly to help kids in need.  Community Partners, like the Canadian Paralympic Committee, Boys and Girls Club, Maison de la Famille, URLS, Centre Jeunesse and numerous others work with local Jumpstart Chapters to identify the kids whose families need Jumpstart’s funding assistance to get them off the sidelines and into the game. What kids do is up to them; we’re here to help them do it.

Cheer Clinic Program

The SCA believes in providing affordable, quality instruction to our membership so that cheerleading can be practice and performed safely and correctly.  We offer a free 4 hour clinic for first year member teams to help develop the basic technical skills for cheer and dance teams at any level.  If you are interested in requesting a clinic, please fill out a Cheer Clinic Application Form and send it in.  We grant Cheer and Dance Clinics year round, so please send in your applications as needed.

This program offering is changing.  Check back for updates.

Team Canada and Cheer Canada Academy Athlete Funding

This season the SCA, in conjunction with Sask. Sport, has funding allocated to support excellence through Team Canada and Academy athlete involvement.

Please Note: The SCA will only be accepting individual athlete applications.

This program offering is developing.  Check back for updates.

MAP (Membership Assistance Program) Funding

Conference Grant for Volunteer Coaches

Athlete Assistance 

Athlete Assistance

Cheer Clinic Program

Team Canada and Cheer Canada Academy Funding