Scholarships & Awards

SCA Post-Secondary Scholarships

The Saskatchewan Cheerleading Association is proud to award two $1,000 scholarships to SCA members pursuing post-secondary education in Saskatchewan.

Applications are being accepted digitally by Google Form this year.  Once  you start the Google Form Application, you cannot save it.  Applicants must have the following documents prepared prior to starting the Google Form application as you will be required to upload them in the application.
  • Written response to the formal essay question, either in Word, PDF, or video format. In a well written essay of approximately 500-750 words, answer the following: How did you become involved in the cheer community and what motivates you to stay involved?  How have you demonstrated exceptional leadership and contributed to a positive culture in your cheer community? What is the biggest challenge the sport of cheer is facing today?  Describe what you are doing in the cheer community to help overcome the challenge. How do you plan to give back to the cheer community and what steps have you taken to prepare for your future role?
  • Applicants must provide a reference from a person who has worked with them in the cheerleading community (coach, fellow athlete/coach, teacher/advisor, etc.). This reference will attest to the personal character of the applicant and reasons why they believe the applicant should receive this scholarship  in the “Scholarship Reference Form” below.  It is recommended you contact your reference in advance to confirm they are willing and able to complete a reference on your behalf.

    **It is the applicant’s responsibility to provide the following link: to the individual providing a reference on their behalf. **

Deadline to apply is February 1, 2021

Coach of the Year Award

Hey Athletes, get creative – Nominate your coach and show us that your coach is important to you! We will take any supporting materials including photo submissions, personalized applications, video applications, and so on!

Deadline to apply is TBD

Coach of the Year Nomination Form – UNDER REVIEW


Leadership Award

Charmaine Wintermute is proud to sponsor one $500 Leadership Award to a current cheerleading athlete (Grade 9 up to and including University) who demonstrates leadership in the combined areas of athletics, academics and community involvement. 

Deadline to apply is March 6, 2021

Leadership Award Application 

Future Leader Award

Charmaine Wintermute is proud to sponsor one $100 Future Leader Award to a current cheerleading athlete (Age 3 up to and including Grade 8) who demonstrates leadership in the combined areas of athletics, academics (if applicable) and community involvement.

Deadline to apply is March 6, 2021

Future Leader Award Application


Frequently Asked Questions

When are the scholarships awarded?

The scholarships are awarded at the Saskatchewan Provincial Cheerleading Championships each year.

If I’ve been awarded the scholarship in a previous year, can I apply again.

Yes, as long as you meet all requirements, you can apply each year.

If I’m the recipient, when will I receive the scholarship?

The scholarship will be applied directly to your educational account in the spring, usually May.

SCA Office

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