Participant Sport Accident Insurance Coverage

Participant injury and liability insurance is mandatory and bundled with SCA membership cost; this is meant to ensure all participants (coaches, judges AND athletes) are covered under a policy designed to provide coverage for the specific type of activities performed in cheerleading.


Athletes, managers, coaches, trainers, officials, & executives of the SCA. Volunteers and employees may be added if desired.

When Covered

SCA Sanctioned and organized practices and competitions.
Transportation to and from events (2 or more traveling together with a minimum distance of 100 km. traveled).
Regularly scheduled commercial air lines, licensed charter.

Death (Principal sum): $50,000
Loss Schedule: $2,000 to 2 times principal sum
Paralysis: 2 x principal sum
Prosthetics: $3,000
Blanket Medical Reimbursement: Same limit as principal sum.
Rehabilitation: $3,000
Tuition: $2,000
Special Treatment Travel: $1,000
Out-of-Province: $10,000
Emergency Transportation: $50
Eyeglass and Contact Lenses: $100
Dental Accident: $5,000
Dentures, Artificial Teeth: $200 (includes hearing aids)
Fracture Indemnity: $50 – $500
Aggregate: $1,000,000
Out-of-Country: Optional Add-on to extend cover for incidents that occur outside of
Canada (contact the SCA office)

Future Dental

In the event that, due to the age of the Insured Person, dental development is such that treatment cannot be completed within 52 weeks, provided a satisfactory report from the attending dentist is received within 90 days after the date of the injury, the Company will pay the cost of capping, crowning, replacement or restoration of each injured tooth upon completion of such treatment up to a maximum of $5,000.00 for all future treatment with respect to any one injury.
Maximum limit does vary. Please call Aon Reed Stenhouse to confirm the maximum limit on your policy.


Reporting an Incident

In the event that an incident or injury occurs, the coach/advisor is responsible for reporting all details to our Executive Director within 5 days of it occurring.

Practice Facility and Event Insurance

Practice facilities and event hosts must ensure that the proper additional insurance is in place for their particular activities.  This may include facility/host damage/liability insurance, insurance for event attendees, etc.


For more information, consult the Sask Sport Group Insurance Website at Sask Sport Group Insurance Program or contact our Executive Director.