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COVID-19 Resources

Return to Activity

It is confirmed that all restrictions and the public health order including the state of emergency have been fully removed as of Sunday, July 11th. We made it!


The business response team had a few clarifications for sports:

– Interprovincial travel for sport WILL NOT be restricted, however, please consider travel restrictions in other provinces prior to planning events.
– Clubs or teams may choose to keep mask policies in place, however it will be a private business policy and not be enforceable by law, but rather like a “no shoes, no shirt, no service” policy. 
– Screening and contact tracing are no longer required, however it is recommended to continue some type of screening to ensure sick participants stay home.
– The business response team is slowly winding down now as restrictions are lifted
Here is a link to Government Website FAQs posted by the business response team:…/re-opening-saskatchewan…
Thank you all for your support, trust and perseverance during the past 17 months.  Our members may choose to still have limits on numbers, require masks, physical distancing, and other protocols as they wish. Approaches may be different. Please respect and support your club or team’s decisions as we all continue to navigate the provincial re-opening plan.


Updated June 21, 2021

Recommended for all participants, completed each time the participant attends training/class.

Recommended for all participants, completed once prior to returning to activity.  Updated June 21, 2021

For all guardians of participants under 18, completed once per fiscal year.

For all participants 18 and older, completed once prior per fiscal year.

Stay Informed

We recognize that staying up-to-date on these changing guidelines and regulations is challenging for our industry.
To stay up to date with the Province’s announcements and their impacts, we recommend the following:

Our sport is underway during the pandemic. It’s a challenging time, but support from our partners allows us to offer opportunities for kids to play.   We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada.       Nous reconnaissons l’appui financier du gouvernement du Canada.