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COVID-19 Resources

Return to Activity

Thank you for your patience as we work through the ups and downs of navigating this uncertain, ever-changing situation – The Saskatchewan Cheerleading Association has received approval from the Government of Saskatchewan to return to activity and training in Phase 3 of the government’s plan.  There is no obligation for clubs/teams  to return to activity. Teams and clubs housed in community facilities/schools can open based on the requirements from facility operators.

Our return to activity plan is supported by Sask Sport, as well as our insurance carriers.  The Saskatchewan Cheerleading Association sanctions and approves member clubs/teams to open operations as of June 12th, provided clubs/teams can meet the protocols and requirements of the Government of Saskatchewan and the SCA.  Clubs/Team activity plans must follow the protocols in the SCA Covid-19 Return to Activity document.  

The SCA Covid-19 Plan will be reviewed weekly, the Plan posted here has been approved by our SCA Board of Directors, and all clubs/teams are required to adhere to the mandates with-in the plan.  It is the SCA’s recommendation that each club/team adopt and circulate the plan to their members. We hope this communication will help alleviate concerns about safety, cleanliness, distancing, etc. when parents, athletes and coaches are deciding on returning back into activity. First and foremost, our focus is on on participants’ health and safety during this pandemic.

February 26, 2021 Update

The Re-Open Saskatchewan Plan guidelines for sports and activities was updated this past weekend on the Government website. Fortunately, this update has some positives for Cheerleading.  I contacted the business response team for clarifications and heard back yesterday on the two major areas that will have impact of Cheerleading, which are virtual competition and floor space parameters.
Virtual Competition is now permitted for groups of up to eight athletes (ages 18 and under) with all the usual parameters (proper physical distancing, masks, same cohort, no physical contact, capacity, etc.).  Only one group is permitted to compete/film at a time on the performance surface.  If you are interested in competing virtually, here is a list of some Canadian options:
– Canadian Cheer Events: 
– Cheer Expo: 
– Expofest: 
Floor spaces can be used for multiple groups of individuals (18 years of age and under) for the purpose of conditioning and training with physical distancing of five metres between groups of participants, and three metres for high-intensity and two metres for low-intensity activities between participants is maintained. Multiple groups are NOT permitted when competing virtually.



    UPDATED – March 16, 2021

    Updated November 27, 2020

    For all participants, completed each time the participant attends training/class.

    For all guardians of participants under 18, completed once prior to returning to activity.

    For all participants, completed once prior to returning to activity.  Updated August 13, 2020.

    For all participants 18 and older, completed once prior to to returning to activity.

    Stay Informed

    We recognize that staying up-to-date on these changing guidelines and regulations is challenging for our industry.
    To stay up to date with the Province’s announcements and their impacts, we recommend the following:

    Our sport is underway during the pandemic. It’s a challenging time, but support from our partners allows us to offer opportunities for kids to play.   We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada.       Nous reconnaissons l’appui financier du gouvernement du Canada.