Rules and Legality Clarification

Cheer Canada

Legality & Rule Clarifications

Cheer Canada has recently assembled the Legality & Rule Clarification Task Team. This team is made up of experts from across the country and one of its purposes is to assist Cheer Canada’s members (Provincial/Territorial Sport Organizations) with legality and rule clarifications, bringing our community even closer together through the power of knowledge. This task team will answer questions from coaches, event producers, PTSOs and judges who are seeking clarification on the rules or seeking information about skills they wish to perform via video submissions. 
You may send in your questions and/or videos by using the attached link. Please be advised that the task team will not accept competition videos from coaches.
Videos submitted by coaches must be in a practice setting. Please note that If you are a resident of Quebec you must submit any questions or clarifications to the FCQ through their defined process.


Once a question and/or video has been received, a member of the task team will respond within 72 hours of submission.
Note: These are not official rulings, if you are an All Star team, you are encouraged to send your video/questions to the IASF if you require an official ruling and/or your team is traveling outside of Canada. These submissions are only intended for educational purposes regarding All Star, Scholastic and Performance Cheer rules as applied in Canada.