Respect in Sport

Respect in Sport Training

The Respect in Sport Activity Leader Program educates youth leaders, coaches, and officials to recognize, understand and respond to issues of bullying, abuse, harassment and discrimination (BAHD).  Sask Sport Inc., along with the support of the Saskatchewan Government, has launched this required program for Coaches in the province to help to provide a safer and more respectful sporting environment for all to participate. The online training program is being provided free of charge for all users. 

The SCA, along with Sask Sport, requires all coaches within our membership to complete this course. Please be advised this training must be completed by anyone who will be coaching cheerleading and/or performance cheerleading in the province. You will be required to submit a copy of all coaching certificates for your program.  The SCA has access to a database and will be ensuring all of our coaches have completed the course for this season.

Respect in Sport is transferable across all sports. If a coach already has a certificate from another sport a copy of this may be submitted and they will not have to retake the program. Please be advised that Respect in Education will also count as completion of the course. Many teachers may have completed this course, we will still require a copy of the certificate in order for this course to be valid.

NOTE: If you are from Saskatchewan and you are interested in applying for the Team Canada Premier and Academy coaching positions through Cheer Canada, please use the Saskatchewan portal link below in order to access the course for free.