Online Exams

The first section, “Introduction to Coaching”, is mandatory for all first-year coaches and recommended for all previously certified coaches.  The “Intro to Coaching” includes a power-point presentation, which can be helpful through-out the remaining exams.

 The next section is the “Rules and Safety” for All Star and Scholastic – coaches must complete the exam(s) for the appropriate team(s) they are coaching.

 The final sections are “Skills and Scoring” and apply to the three categories currently offered by Cheer Canada and the SCA: Pom, Jazz and Hip Hop. Coaches must complete the exam(s) for the appropriate team(s) they are coaching.  Coaches must only be successful in the category they will be coaching; however, the exam fee will include all categories. It is recommended that all dance coaches certify in all categories, allowing them to coach all disciplines.  Coaches are not required to take additional categories if they are not coaching that category.

The SCA Dance Coaches Online Certification Exams expire after three years. Re-certification will only require coaches to complete the “Rules and Safety” exam(s) for all star and/or scholastic, depending on the teams they are coaching. This is because coaches who are re-certifying have previously demonstrated their knowledge of skills and scoring in their given categories.

Please remember to send in documentation for your completion of concussion training, first aid, respect in sport and letter of recommendation to

Please review the following documents (most can be found on our website) prior to completing your exams:

The SCA requires dance coaches to complete the exams independently.  This is because coaches are getting the certification as individuals, and even though coaches may have a partner in coaching, we as an organization need to know our coaches are knowledgeable to coach safely on their own.