Cheer Coaches’ Certification FAQs

I think I already have my SCA certification, when do I need to re-certify?

SCA certification expires after three years as does first aid certification. Both SCA and First Aid certification must be kept up to date. Please contact the executive director to inquire about your certification and if it’s time to re-certify!

Do all of the coaches for our team need to be certified?

Yes, all coaches are required to be certified, especially if coaching alone. New coaches may begin as coaches-in-training. 

I am up for re-certification. Can I challenge the level above my current certification instead of recertifying at my current level?

Yes, you can upgrade your certification in place of re-certification. You must still complete this prior to
December 1st of the current season or you will be subject to the “failure to re-certify” fine.

Do I have to certify at all levels?

If you have a current SCA certification that will expire, you have the opportunity to challenge the level your are currently certified at.  For example, if you have a current SCA level 3 certification that will expire shortly, you can challenge the level 3 exam and bypass levels 1 and 2.

What level of certification do I require?

You must obtain your SCA certification up to the level you will be coaching.  For example, if you are coaching a Level 2 senior team you must certify up to level 2 through the SCA.

Is there an age minimum?

Yes, coaches must be at least 16 years of age to receive certification for all levels. Junior coaches (ages 14—15) are restricted to level 1/novice certification and may not coach above the U8/elementary ages. All coaches, junior coaches and CITs can attend the SCA training clinics and conference. CITs must work under an SCA certified coach.

SCA Office

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7103 Maple Valley Crescent, Regina, Saskatchewan S4X 0B2