The following areas will point you in the right direction for determining your competitive division, rules, and scoring information.  It is each coach’s responsibility to become familiar with all aspects of scoring.  The absolute best way to understand the scoring methods is to attend one of the SCA Judging Certification Clinics – they are open to everyone and will give coaches valuable (and correct) information on scoring methods.  Check out our Events Calendar for upcoming clinics, or contact our Executive Director.


Cheer Canada Judging Methodology – Under Review


All Star Cheer

Cheer Canada All Star Divisions 

The SCA and Cheer Canada follow the IASF Cheer Rules for All Star Cheer.  

Cheer Canada All Star Scoring System


 Scholastic Cheer

Cheer Canada Scholastic Rules and Divisions

Cheer Canada Scholastic Scoring System


Indys, Duos, Group Stunt and Partner Stunt

Cheer Canada Specialty Scoring

Cheer Canada Specialty Routine Parameters – Coming Soon


Cheer Abilities

Cheer Canada Cheer Abilities Rules and Divisions

Cheer Canada Cheer Abilities Scoring System


Where to start: Consult the Cheer Canada Division & Age Grid to determine which division you can compete in (based on the age, number and skill of your athletes).  The skill level of your athletes (ie: the “Level”) must me carefully determined for safety – when in doubt, start out at the lower level and then you can progress upwards if required.  Consult the appropriate Rules for rules specific to each Level and adhere to these rules for practice and competition.  Consult the Judging Methodology for the score sheets that will be used and the method in which your routine will be scored.  The scoring methodology is constructed in a way to reward teams who are leveled properly (they can “max out” the skills allowed at their Level).  So bottom line – place your team in a Level where the majority of the team can complete the majority of the skills correctly and safely – as this will result in the best results come competition time.