The following areas will point you in the right direction for determining your competitive division, rules, and scoring information.  It is each coach’s responsibility to become familiar with all aspects of scoring.  The absolute best way to understand the scoring methods is to attend one of the SCA Judging Certification Clinics – they are open to everyone and will give coaches valuable (and correct) information on scoring methods.  Check out our Events Calendar for upcoming clinics, or contact our Executive Director.


Cheer Canada Judging Methodology – Under Review


Performance Cheer (Dance) for All Star and School

Cheer Canada Performance Cheer Categories, Age Grids and Rules

Cheer Canada Dance Scoring


Performance Cheer Abilities (Dance)

Cheer Canada Performance Cheer Abilities Categories, Age Grids and Rules

Cheer Canada Dance Abilities Scoring

Dance Abilties scoring will use the same scoresheets as All Star and Scholastic.


Where to start: Consult the Cheer Canada Division & Age Grid to determine the ages and number of athletes allowed to compete on your team.  Remember that Cheer Canada is offering only the Pom, Jazz and Hip Hop categories.  Consult the appropriate (school or all star) Dance Rules for routine guidelines.  Consult the Scoresheets and methodology about how your routine will be scored.