Our new and improved certification process focuses on safety to ensure our athletes receive the best instruction possible and in order to align with the insurance we provide our members.


SCA Coaches Certification Policy


The following courses are now mandatory for all SCA coaches to be considered certified:

  1. First Aid training (minimum sport first aid)
  2. Concussion Course* (one-time)
  3. Respect in Sport Online course* (one-time)
  4. Intro to Cheer and Dance* (for first year coaches, SCA “old” level 1 equivalent)
  5. SCA Dance exam

*Required prior to SCA exams

Please note that the SCA requires all coaches to complete their First Aid (Minimum Sport First Aid), Respect in Sport, Intro to cheer and dance (first year coaches only) and Concussion training for the upcoming season.  The SCA offers this training to members, either in person or online, but it would be the sole responsibility of Coaches to ensure training is completed.

During the introduction of this program, the SCA allows two years for Coaches to complete the highest level training (SCA Coaching Certification Exam).  Coaches will not be considered “SCA certified” until documentation is provided proving all requirements have been met.

The following tables outline certification requirements

coaching table

In addition to first aid training, concussion awareness and respect in sport, dance coaches are required to complete the SCA dance exam.  The SCA dance exam is in four sections and is available online.  The first section is “general dance” and all dance coaches are required to pass this section to receive certification.  The three remaining sections apply to the three categories currently offered by the SCA: Pom, Jazz and Hip Hop.  Coaches must only be successful in the category they will be coaching, however the exam will cover all three categories.  It is recommended that all dance coaches certify in all categories, allowing them to coach all disciplines.

 All dance coaches are required to have their SCA Dance Certification under the new program.  Dance coaches who are currently SCA certified have what is equivalent to the “Intro to cheer and dance”, therefore it is a requirement to certify under the new program.

Dance certification cost is $50 and expires after three years.

Dance Online Certification