I think I already have my SCA certification, do I need to re-certify?

Coaches who are currently certified have until 2017 to re-certify under the new program – HOWEVER – if your SCA certification has expired you are required to re-certify under the new program for this season.  Past SCA certification expired after three years.  Please contact Alissa (executivedirector@sca.ca) to inquire about your certification and if it’s time to re-certify!

 What level of certification do I require?

You must obtain your SCA certification up to the level you will be coaching.  For example, if you are coaching a Level 2 senior team you must certify up to level 2 through the SCA.

 Do I have to certify at all levels?

If you have a current SCA certification that will expire, you have the opportunity to challenge the level your are currently certified at.  For example, if you have a current SCA level 3 certification that will expire shortly, you can challenge the level 3 exam and bypass levels 1 and 2.

 Do all of the coaches for our team need to be certified?

Until 2017, only one coach must be fully certified, however it must be guaranteed that this certified coach is with the team at all practices, competitions and events. The SCA recommends that ALL coaches are certified to ensure that a certified coach is with teams at all times.  After December 2017, it will be required that ALL coaches are certified.

Is there an age limit?

Yes, coaches must be at least 16 years of age to receive certification.  Junior coaches can attend the SCA training clinics and conference and must work under an SCA certified coach.