The SCA believes in providing affordable, quality instruction to our membership so that cheerleading and dance can be practiced and performed safely and correctly. The clinic program is designed to provide funding for cheer and dance teams at the introductory level. This is so athletes and teams can develop the basic technical skills in cheer and dance.


  • Registered SCA member teams who have submitted all of the necessary membership fees and are in good standing with the SCA.
  • Cheer: Level 1 and 2 teams*
  • Dance: Programs in their first 5 years of existence*
  • *Some exceptions may apply

Clinic Process

Teams are required to arrange the clinics with SCA-approved instructors directly. This includes setting dates, location, clinic start and end times.

The SCA has a group of approved instructors, which you can choose from when filling out your application form. If the team wishes to use an instructor who is not in the list, the team must provide a copy of the coach’s credentials including applicable cheer or dance certification, safety training, and concussion training. If the coach does not meet the SCA approval requirements funding will not be granted.

Clinic Criteria

  • Introductory cheer or dance clinic as described in the Eligibility Section
  • Skill development only
  • NO choreography or creating routine sections

Eligible Expenditures

  • 4 hours* of coaching for each instructor; 1 instructor per 12 athletes, max 3 instructors
  • *8 hours of coaching for each instructor for teams in underrepresented areas
  • Travel time for each instructor at $15 per hour, max 10 hours per instructor
  • Mileage for 1 vehicle at $0.40/km
  • Per diem for each instructor for applicable meals throughout the travel time and clinic

Application Process

Complete the application form below by January 31st of the current year. No late applications will be considered. You will receive an email confirming the receipt of your application; if you do not – please contact the SCA.  Clinics will be funded on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Payment Options

While the SCA has a recommended payment structure (see below), instructors are free to negotiate their own payment terms and discuss directly with the team.  Should an instructor negotiate rates higher than the SCA recommended rates it is the responsibility of the team to pay the additional rates.  Teams can choose to pay instructors directly and invoice the SCA for compensation or to have the SCA directly compensate the instructors if they agree to the SCA pay rates.


SCA Clinic compensation rates:

Cheer Instructors:

USASF / SCA Level 1 – 3 – $30 / hr

USASF / SCA Level 4 – $40 / hr

USASF / SCA Level 5 – $50 / hr

Dance Instructors rate:

Level 1: SCA cert. and 5 years – $30 / hr

Level 2: SCA cert. and 6 – 10 years – $40 / hr

Level 3 SCA cert. 11+ years – $50 / hr

Travel Time – $15.00 / hour for each coach

Mileage – $0.40 / kilometer


After the clinic has taken place you will be required to fill out and submit a follow-up questionnaire to the SCA.


Clinic Request for Cheer and Dance