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Comparative scoring is no longer going to have an emphasis placed on it. While comparative scoring will always be part of the equation, it is no longer a determining factor in the determination of scores. The Degree of Difficulty scores will be determined by the level of difficulty of the team's skills in comparison to what is possible for that level.
Standing tumbling is cumulative. However to score in the high range one of the passes must be synchronized and performed by most of the team.

For Levels 5 and 6:
The large range and comparative scoring are no longer. You will be scored based on the rubric found at…/2014-2015-Scoring-Grids-Updat…
Running Tumbling requires a minimum of 2 double fulls as well as an elite level appropriate tumbling pass by most of the athletes to score in the high range. (Running tumbling is cumulative.)
Basket tosses has a maximum score. You only need to have any level appropriate squad toss plus 1 toss to score the maximum score. Please remember while what the actual level appropriate toss is will not affect your baskets score, it will affect your score in overall impression.
Deductions will now follow the same values as Levels 1-4.

SCA Post-Secondary Scholarship

The Saskatchewan Cheerleading Association is proud to award two $500 scholarships to cheerleading athletes and/or coaches pursuing post-secondary education in Saskatchewan.

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