2015 Annual General Meeting – Saturday, September 19th – 9:00am – Warman Legends Center

On Tuesday July 7th, 2015 the SCA board of directors proposed a new motion to add the following bylaw into the constitution:

All Regular members are to send representation to either the fall Annual General Meeting (AGM) or the Spring Membership Meeting annually. Any regular member, who without reasonable written cause prior to the Fall AGM or Spring Membership Meeting, whom fails to attend the one of the meetings will be placed on one year probation. As part of the probation process, teams failing to attend a meeting two consecutive years in a row without reasonable cause will remain on probation for another year. Further action may be taken depending on the circumstances surrounding the team not meeting the criteria. Further action could include, but not be limited to, withdrawing certain privileges associated with membership.

Motioned By: Mitchell Toupin Seconded By: Sienna Borland

This Motion is to be voted on by the membership at the Annual General Meeting on September 19th, 2015
9:00am - Warman Legends Center

2015 Coaches’ Conference – Registration Form is Now Available

The Saskatchewan Cheerleading Association believes in unlocking the maximum potential of coaches in our province. This year's two day coaches conference aims to promote skill development and safety. The conference will feature sessions on tumbling (levels 1 to 4), Injury prevention in Dance, Concussion awareness, marketing and branding, Dance safety rules, scoresheet analysis and category comparisson, Cheer safety rules and scoresheet analysis, along with a full day of sport first aid. Accompanying the conference is the SCA Annual General Meeting, along with a coaches' social.

The Sask. Cheer 2015 Coaches' Conference will be held in Warman on Saturday, Setpember 19th and Sunday, September 20th, 2015 at Warman Legends Center, 701 Centennial Blvd, Warman, SK

Look under the event tab to find our registration form!