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NEW Dance Updates!!

Motions Passed on November 14th, 2014

1-Adopt the USASF score sheet, with the addition of the heading definitions and rubric range
2-Adopt a judges' tracking sheet which allows judges to keep track of the scoring throughout the competition. (Comparative scoring).
3- Adopt regional scoring, where the top teams in Saskatchewan can achieve elite marks. Ensure that the regional scoring is communicated to athletes, coaches and judges.

Check under the Rules & Scoring tab to view the new scoresheets and judging methodology!!

MAP Funding Application Forms Now Available!

The MAP funding application forms for 2015 are now available under services in the "funding" tab.

Application deadline has been extended to January 31st!

NEW Cheer Scoresheets!

The SCA will be using the new Cheer Canada Scoresheets for the 2015 season.

Check under the Rules & Scoring tab to view the scoresheets and judging methodology, or visit the Cheer Canada website: